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License Information Walkie-Talkie


লাইসেন্স তথ্য

Any Private organization can use Walkie-Talkie Legally. Only BTRC can issue Licence for Walkie-Talkie.
To get Licence very easy. No need service charge for Licence.

Require Papers for Licence:
1. Trade Licence copy
2. Up-to-date Income Tax Certificate copy
3. NID Copy copy
4. We will provide others papers like as Catalogue, Frequency Form etc..

To get Licence from BTRC need approx. 30-45 days.

BTRC issue 2 types Licence for 2 way Radio (*).

1. Individual Frequency Licence for Govt., Semi-govt., Airlines etc.
It is one frequency for one channel. User can choose any Brand any Model Walkie-Talkie. Licence Fee around Taka 4,500.00 per set per year. (Licence fee depend on Output Power and allotted Frequency).

2. SBR (Short Business Radio) frequency Licence for Private Organization.
It is 80 Frequency for 80 Channels. User can choose any channel from 80 channels. But user must be use any COLOUR walkie-talkie set. BTRC do not allow BLACK colour for Private Organization. Licence fee Taka 690.00 per set per year.

BTRC File processing Fee & Frequency Form: Total Tk. 6,325.00 (one time only) for any quantity. This amount need with Application by Pay-order.

(*)This Licence for Short Range use. This call 2 way Radio. That means Handset to Handset Talking. No need Repeater, no need Outdoor Antenna.

We have different type of SBR Walkie-Talkie. We are exclusive MOTOCOM (OEM) Brand Walkie-Talkie of Taiwan.

বিটিআরসি লাইসেন্স -এর নমুনা:


One set including:
1. Handset x 1
2. Battery x 1
3. Antenna x 1
4. Charger x 1
5. Belt Clip x 1

To see LAW of illegal Walki-Talkie user, Click here

অবৈধ ওয়াকি-টকি বাবহারের  শাস্তি  ১০ বৎসর- এর জেল ও ৩০০ কোটি টাকা জরিমানা, আইনটি দেখতে এখানে ক্লিক করুন।

BTRC Published Advertisement about illegal Walkie-Talkie and others Radio equipment’s are below:

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